Audio Conversion


Say Goodbye to your Walkman.

Rewinding gets old, really fast. Everyday we are converting tapes to CD, preserving audio so that you can listen to them again and again. Fast forward, rewind freedom.

Thank goodness we can listen to all that hi-fi heaven digitally on crystal clear CDs. Although CDs rose to prominence in the 90s, we all still have a few treasured cassettes we are holding onto. There’s no better time to digitize your cassettes in full 16 bit, 44.1kHz audio quality in full stereo. With the help of our digital noise reduction, you’ll be ready to blast your tunes from the past!

Each CD we produce is professionally printed and personalized with your choice of title.

Audio Cassettes cost £10 each and will fit on one disc. Extra copies of discs are £2 each.

Please call regarding Reel to Reel audio tape.

Unfortunately, as awesome as cassettes were, they weren’t exactly built to last. Not only are they unstable and prone to breakage, unless you’ve been asleep for the last 30 years you might have noticed it’s getting harder and harder to find a device that will actually play them for you. Cars are rarely equipped with cassette players anymore, and you’ll have a hard time finding an appropriate device at your local electronics store. What we are saying is, it might be time for you to move on.

CD’s are an amazing technological advance. They last for a very long time, and storing them is as easy as putting them in their box and keeping them on the shelf.

CDs are also still one of the prevailing methods of listening to music today. The odds are great that you’ve got some in your home right now (and they’re definitely on the shelf of your local electronics store). The odds are pretty low that you’ve still got the kind of cassette player you’ll need to listen to your tapes (and that’s something you won’t find at the electronics super store). If you’ve got old tapes that you can’t access, it’s time to make the cassette to CD switch with 24:7 Productions. Get back together with your memories.